Friday, January 21, 2005

The Beauty Of Your Touch

light...reflecting...bouncing...shimmering in colors bold and gay
echoing its name upon me..keeping me warm

sound...traveling...finding a place to make harmonize
to become as one with nature giving...rendering its gift

you know, being stripped of my denfenses...being vulnerable and so open is not an easy thing. in life things happen but i must maintain some sort of protective layering of my heart. i can still be open and honest but i must protect the most sensitive and delicate part of my being.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Born Again

early this morning i became born again, and just like a new born child, vulnerable to the cruel workings of this world...I AM.

you know, we are all looking for that one special love. the one person who makes us feel special...the one person whose love we feel...the one person who matters, really matters in your life. i have found that one special flower, i call her my butterfly on whose wings my soul soars and takes flight. i think i almost lost my butterfly, my soul mate...yeah, she is my soul mate. i carried old behaviour from the past into our time, into our space, and that caused her pain. pain i hope in time she will never remember.

she stripped me bare, she stripped me of all of my defenses and i was left standing naked and shivering. i was left with no where to turn with my pain, but to her. she will catch me when i fall...she will soothe my heart when it cries...she will make it smile when it is sad...she will be it's protector.

like i said earlier, i am born again, but this time i know where to go and not hide behind a wall, for it no longer exist. i will run to her for my healing and together we will make a way.


Friday, January 14, 2005


my longing for you courses through my veins like blood...the source of life
without you here, each breath that i take is a struggle
a struggle to maintain...a struggle to survive
i let my tears fall in an effort to cleanse my soul but to no avail
the longings increase with intensity as the flames of love consume me
beloved, i need to breathe again without struggle
i need to do more than just survive
beloved i need to live

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Missing You

emptiness filled my heart
i felt so alone
there was nothing there but my body
my soul had taken flight to a place i could not reach
i longed for your touch, your love
i needed it to help me breathe, to help me survive
i was dying
i was dying the death of a lonely heart
my body wrecked with emotion
my eyes filled with tears
the pain of not having you near me was too much to bare
a life born into loneliness leaving the way it came.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Tears and Fears

tears brought on by fears
fears that have taken residence
in your your soul
a soul that is empty and bruised
a soul longing to find a place to rest
a soul longing to find a place called home
you cry for a love lost...taken away too soon
you cry for a love that should have been
but instead there was only pain
you cry for the most basic of human necessity
as i stand before you with my arms out stretched
offering all that your heart desires
fear takes hold of your heart...of your soul
you want to run...for fear of love leaving
you want to run...for fear of loving more than you are loved
if you want to run...RUN
but RUN towards me...accepting me...accepting my love
let me do the same for you so that your tears
may be born of the very thing that you seek
let today be the beginning of your healing
let today be the day that you accept and embrace love
and begin to live


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Beautys Song

beautys song greets me with the soft caress of kisses with the rising sun....
kisses that arouse and invoke passion

beautys song dances with the rhythm of the moon as its light is reflected on the waters shore...
dance with me beauty as we create our own music to a melody so pure and sweet

beautys song takes flight in the wonderment of love that has settled in her heart...
as i ride on beautys wings, two hearts beat as one in syncopated cadence with nature

beautys song is the fragrance that i inhale...
of lilies, orchids and wild flowers

beautys song is the color of the rainbow...
permeating my soul with love abundant

beautys song is YOU