Saturday, November 27, 2004


looking into your eyes
i extend my hand to you in
hopes of you accepting
accepting the unknown
you look back at me and
i see a flicker of hope
hope that turns into a promise
a promise to open yourself to explore
a promise to explore love

as i pull you close
your body begins to tense
but i whisper in your ear
words you long to hear and experience
like a flower you open and blossom
moving with me as one
steps so unfamiliar
yet you allow yourself to be led
led into a dance full of color
led into a place full of warmth
there you make yourself comfortable
and begin to find your own rhythm
a rhythm meant only for you

finding your rhythm
you begin to lead
and i follow
as we float across the dance floor
we are one

lets dance this dance for a lifetime

tita navarro
november 27th 2004