Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Moon Saved Me

Words written by My Beloved....

Beautiful is the moon, full and bright for all to see. The moon has whispered softly, in a voice reserved solely for me. "Be patient my dearest flower, for the sun shall shine again, but in the mean time rest your petals and know in me you have a friend. "My heart smiled beneath wilted petals, on a hot summer's night, the coolness of the full moon embraced me, giving me strength to continue the fight. Alone I have been in the struggle, in solitude I grew bitter from fear, but a rain shower fell upon me, and the sun's words were loud and clear,"Dearest Flower I left you only for the night, but by day my light is for you, seek shelter from the storms of life. You, my dearest flower, are my inspiration to rise each day, i adore you like no other and with you my warmth shall stay." In love we were once again the sun kissed the droplets away, enveloped in a blanket of love, for now and all my days.

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