Wednesday, April 27, 2005

life constantly throws things our way to challenge us.
situations that we can either walk away from or deal with.
one thing i've learned is that i must preserve self.
how many emotional rollercoaster rides can one endure?
sometimes i feel it's better to stay emotionally detached
and i am beginning to feel myself detach from my beloved.
come june, i will know which way i'm going but for now
i am taking a step back...eventhough i find it hard to do with her
i must..self preservation. i normally shut down in a heart beat
but she makes it so hard...i truly love her.
choices and decisions... i have some to make..they may be difficult
but in the end...self preservation
i must muster up the strength and face this challenge in front of me head on.
i must face my fears and conquer them for it is the only way.

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