Saturday, December 18, 2004


dearest flower,i want to thank you again for allowing me into yourlife and heart. you have given me the desires of my heart. all i've ever wanted was to love and feel that love returned. i have been to others that which iseeked, but it was not until you that the love i sought was felt. your words touch me and bring me to tears just as thoughts of you fill my world with everlasting warmth.

how is it that you seemed so familiar to me when we had never even met? i fell in love with your words and eventually i fell in love with you, not knowing where things will lead. however, you my beloved knew what it was that you wanted, you were so sure...and because of your love, i now soar on the wings of love, my soul fed, my thirst quenched. i now have a love that i can call my own.


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Anonymous said...

dearest butterfly,
thank you for allowing me to stow away upon your wings. thanks for taking me to your world filled with beauty and are the pefect ending to a love story. go away with me into the sunset...just be, live and love openly.

8:52 PM